Plitvice Lakes National Park in Winter, Croatia; Air Pano

Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in the central part of Croatia and covers an expanse of almost 30,000 hectares. In 1949 this area became the national park, and 30 years later it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Register. The park is forested with beech, spruce, and fir; and is the home for hundreds of species of plants, animals and birds. But it is mainly known for its water areas: rivers flowing through the limestone carved the landscape and formed natural dams, cascades of lakes, waterfalls and caves.

There are 16 large karst lakes and a lot of smaller ones; the total area of their coverage is 217 hectares. These lakes are fed by five rivers: the Korana, the Crna, the Bijela and the Rječica. The lakes are arranged in cascades, the highest one is the Prošćansko at 636 meters above sea level.

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