China’s first emperor ordered nationwide search for an elixir of life; Kelly McLaughlin; Daily Mail

China – Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor
  • Wooden slips found in Hunan contain an order from the emperor Qin Shihuang
  • The executive order demanded a nationwide search in China for the elixir of life 
  • He was also responsible for the terracotta army to entertain him in the afterlife

China’s first emperor – creator of the world-famous terracotta army – was on a quest for eternal life, new archaeological research has revealed.

A set of wooden slips found in the central province of Hunan contain an executive order from emperor Qin Shihuang for a nationwide search for the elixir of life, along with replies from local governments, according to Xinhua news agency on Sunday.

It cited Zhang Chunlong, a researcher at the provincial institute of archaeology, as saying the emperor’s decree reached even frontier regions and remote villages.

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