Afghanistan’s Bamiyan province starts tourism revival with national park; Alice Tidey; NBC

Afghanistan – Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley

Home to the country’s first national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Afghanistan’s Bamiyan province is also progressive on women’s representation.

Decades of conflict and political instability have all but destroyed Afghanistan’s once-thriving heritage and tourism industry, but new efforts are being made to promote the country’s spectacular riches.

A trickle of overseas visitors was recorded last year although many Western governments, including the U.S., advise against travel to the country.

Among Afghanistan’s top attractions is Band-e-Amir, the country’s first national park, created in 2009. Home to six stunning turquoise lakes nestled within the dramatic barren landscape of the Hindu Kush mountain range, it is also leading the way on conservation and women’s rights issues.

“Band-e-Amir is one of the most extraordinary sites of natural beauty anywhere in the world,” said Jonny Bealby

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