Massive ancient Buddhist cave temple reproduced by 3D printing; Tracy You; Daily Mail

China – Yungang Grottoes
  • A perfect copy of the ‘West Empress Chamber’ of China’s Yungang Grottoes has been produced 
  • 20 3D printers worked more than 4,000 hours non-stop to re-create 842 facsimile pieces of the cave
  • Yungang Grottoes, a 1,500-year-old UNESCO site, contain 252 impressive caves and 51,000 statues
  • Chinese team have started replicating two other grottoes of Yungang after copying the largest one

It’s one of the greatest artworks in the world, and now Chinese archaeologists and artists are using 3D printing to make a perfect copy of the Yungang Buddhist Grottoes.

‘West Empress Chamber’, the number 3 and the largest cave of Yungang Grottoes in northern China, have been meticulously re-created using specially developed 3D printers and state-of-the-art scanning technology.

Experts have now started re-producing two other grottoes of Yungang, a 1,500-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site containing 252 cave temples and 51,000 statues.

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