The 7 Best Wine Regions to Visit in 2018; Laura Giannatempo; CN Traveler

Austria – Wachau Cultural Landscape

We asked some of the country’s top sommeliers what wine regions you shouldn’t miss in 2018, and here’s what they had to say.

Wachau, Austria

Just an one-hour drive from Vienna, the Wachau is one of Austria’s most picturesque valleys. Old castles, monasteries, and quaint villages flank the Danube river in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Add to that outstanding wineries, and you begin to understand why the Wachau is a wine lover’s paradise. Rent a bike to tour the historic sites and stop by a winery or two to sip dry to off-dry rieslings and grüner veltliners. Among the top wineries, “Knoll, Jamek, and Hirtzberger have great tasting rooms and excellent restaurants,” says Rajat Parr, winemaker and partner at Domaine de la Côte.

Central Otago, New Zealand

The name is misleading, because Central Otago is located on the southern tip of New Zealand.

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