Why you should visit Latvia in 2018; Adibah Isa; Buro 247

Latvia – Historic Centre of Riga

Latvia: An underrated destination in the Baltics that boasts an underground music scene, food from the forest and an architectural playground.

What makes an underrated European destination the next big thing? After retiring from the gastronomical feasts in Western Europe, backpacking through the islands in Eastern and Southern Europe and exploring the design capitals of Scandinavia, you’re left with that lesser-known sweet spot: The Baltics. Characterised by lush forests and cradled by the Baltic sea, the region’s quiet renaissance in recent years has attracted discerning travellers who shy away from crowds while still enjoying typically European experiences around old towns, rich cuisine and romantic landscapes.

Latvia celebrates its centenary in 2018, which gives the country a well-deserved tick on bucket lists for the year ahead.

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