The 12 Best Christmas Markets in Europe; Katherine LaGrave; CN Traveler

Austria – Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg

There’s nothing in the world quite like Christmas in Europe—wooden chalets in historic towns dating to the 13th century, snow-covered cathedrals, and all the hot mulled wine you can drink. Here are 12 of the continent’s can’t-miss markets.

Old Town and Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic

Just five minutes’ apart by foot, Prague’s Old Town and Wenceslas markets are the best in a city that already tops our list of places to spend Christmas. What sets these markets apart are their treats: Don’t miss the barbecued pork or trdelník, a hot, rolled pastry rolled in cinnamon and sugar and cooked over a grill.

Tallinn Christmas Market, Estonia

In addition to Estonian Christmas dishes like black pudding and sour cabbage (it’s better than it sounds, we swear), Tallinn’s market also has a Santa who arrives by reindeer-pulled sleigh.

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