11 Beautiful Places You Have To See In Namibia; Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Namibia – Twyfelfontein or /Ui-//aes

Resting just above South Africa, Namibia is one epic country to visit in Africa. Of course, Africa is a diverse and incredibly beautiful continent; with places like Morocco, South Africa, Kenya and, of course, Namibia being proper-beautiful countries to visit.

The best thing of all about Namibia is its eye-opening landscapes that, I swear, compare to nowhere else in the world.

From bustling little towns, incredibly vast deserts to beautiful mountain ranges, it’s one place you should definitely think of visiting when in the southern hemisphere of Africa.

Pack your camera, take a few extra memory cards and make some space to squeeze me in your luggage too! You’re going to love Namibia. 💙

1.) Visit the semi-nomadic Himba 

The Himba people are some of the last semi-nomadic people in all of Namibia.

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