This one destination was featured in both ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Game of Thrones’; Stacey Leasca; Travel + Leisure

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

Fans can visit King’s Landing and Canto Bight in one shot.

Fans are already lining the streets to become the first to see the new Star Warsfilm, “The Last Jedi,” when it hit theaters tonight. And while the film will most certainly be a huge success, we’re betting that many of you may experience a bit of déjà vu when watching it.

That’s because one of the film’s new worlds, the casino planet of Canto Bight, is actually the very same location as Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing, according to Nerdist.

As Nerdist further explained, the revelation came in a little behind-the-scenes video for the new movie where director Rian Johnson discusses the movie’s filming locations, which included the walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is also the set of the HBO hit’s capital of Westeros.


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