Rani Padmini’s Doll House; Chander P Mahajan; Hill Post

India – Hill Forts of Rajasthan

Rani Padmani has been accorded the stature of deity not only in many homes across Rajasthan, irrespective of caste, but throughout India. In the ‘Doll House’, Padmavati represents a queen who chose to immolate herself along with other womenfolk wearing saffron instead of falling into the hands of an invader, Alauddin Khilji. Padmini  (author’s mother’s namesake ‘Padmani Rani’); symbolizes many women considered brave and pious.

Goddess Padmavati is revered, just as Meera Bai – another Rajput princess who too married into the royal house of Chittorgarh more than 300 years later. Padmini as an ideal of Indian womanhood that chooses death over dishonor.

‘With blessings of the god Shiva, Padmini appears before Lakshmansinha (rular of Chittor as per one narration) and his ministers as a goddess, and demands a blood sacrifice from them. 

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