Restore the Great Barrier Reef; Hannah Elizabeth; Force Change

Australia – Great Barrier Reef

Massive areas of the Great Barrier Reef have been destroyed by warming ocean temperatures. Now, scientists have a plan to repair damaged areas with coral transplants. Sign this petition to support restoration of this incredibly important ecosystem.

Target: Josh Frydenberg, Australian Minister for the Environment and Energy

Goal: Restore damaged areas of the world’s largest coral reef system using coral transplant technology.

The Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its beauty and biodiversity, is in grave danger. Corals are incredibly sensitive to even small changes in temperature, and as ocean temperatures have soared, coral reefs have experienced massive losses. A swath of the reef over 100 miles long has lost 47-83 percent of its coral. Thankfully, coral biologists have found a potential solution: coral transplants.

A recent study on coral transplantation in the Great Barrier Reef has yielded promising results.

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