On the hunt for dragons: Hiking through Komodo Island; Samai Haider; Dhaka Tribune

India – Komodo National Park

Dragons exist, and not just on Westeros. Recounting my encounter with Komodo dragons in Indonesia.

I stared in trepidation at the long, smooth stick offered to me. Expecting a hard day’s hike ahead of us, I turned to our guide, a national park ranger and asked, “Rough terrain?” His sunbaked face split into what can only be construed as an amused smile, as he said, in broken English, “Yes, and also to fight Komodo dragon.”I looked at him in utter disbelief. A relic from the age of the dinosaurs, the Komodo dragon is the largest lizard on the planet, capable of growing up to 10 feet in length. It is known to outrun men, swim long distances in choppy waters to reach other far flung islands and possess a venomous bite – and I was meant to fight one off with a stick.

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