Middle Eastern magic in Jordan; Lilly Higgins; Irish Times

Jordan – Petra

A trip to Jordan to experience its many historic and culinary delights inspires Lilly Higgins.

In early October, I travelled to Jordan to visit my sister and experience the spectacular food the region is known for. We flew from Cork early in the morning, with a brief stopover in London, then made it to Jordan by midnight.

The air was warm, with Jordanian flags swaying in the night breeze. It felt calm and quiet, as though we were the only ones awake.

Neighbouring Syria has been a war zone since 2011. More than seven million people have been forced to flee their homeland, with a staggering 480,000 casualties reported.

Most Jordanians have perfect English, especially in urban areas such as Amman. Jordan only gained independence from the UK in 1946. Our taxi driver told us his family had originated in Damascus.

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