Kosovo In UNESCO: The UN Agency’s Role in Protecting Serbian Heritage in Kosovo; Bosko Dzepina; McGill International Review

Russia – Medieval Monuments in Kosovo

The United States recently withdrew from UNESCO over accusations of anti-Israel bias, eliminating one of the UN agency’s largest sources of funding. The agency, also known as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, was founded in the aftermath of the First World War and serves as the UN’s specialized agency for the “promotion of peace and security through education, science, culture, and communication”.

It is perhaps best-known for its relatively apolitical role in compiling the World Heritage List and World Heritage in Danger List. While it appears less frequently in diplomatic disputes in comparison to other UN agencies, controversy does occasionally arise around certain issues: disagreement about Palestine being a member state  and the recognition of Che Guevara’s writings as part of the world’s heritage are just a few of the quarrels it has witnessed over the years.

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