A leisurely tour of the ancient capital of Nara and bustling center of commerce Osaka; Japan Magazine

Japan – Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara

Nara and Osaka – two cities with two completely different characters you can explore in one journey. Stroll among the UNESCO World Heritage temples and shrines of Nara, and next the ultra-modern shopping facilities of neighboring Osaka less than an hour away. Spend the night in the best accommodations Japan has to offer for a trip you’ll never forget!

Walk among the World Heritage sites of ancient capital Nara

Approximately 1,300 years ago, Nara was the capital of Japan. Today, a large number of priceless cultural artifacts and historical sites remain. In 1998, the ruins of Heijo-kyo palace (the year 710) and Mt. Kasuga Ancient Forest were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Within walking distance from Kitentsu Nara and JR Nara stations is Nara Park, where you’ll be greeted by over 1,100 deer and discover Kasuga Taisha (Kasuga Grand Shrine).

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