10 Of the Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Monasteries in the World; Amorq

Greece – Meteora

The best in the World!

There are hundreds of monasteries around the world, each belonging to various religious denominations. However some stand out in terms of breathtaking architecture, design and beauty. Location too plays a major role in inducing a tranquil atmosphere surrounding the structure. Taking in account such factors, here are the most beautiful monasteries in the world.

10. The Monastery of Gregoriou

Gregoriou Monastery is a orthodox Christian monastery located in the monastic state of Mt Athos in Greece Named after its founder St Gregory the Younger, this 14th century monastery features seventeenth in Athonite Hierarchy. Its stunning location on the northern peninsula of Athos enhances its beauty with a backdrop of craggy rocks rising behind it.

9. Meteora, Thessaly Greece

In Greek, it means ‘Middle of the sky’ or ‘suspended in air’.

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