22 important facts to know before visiting Galápagos National Park; Karen Catchpole; Travel + Leisure

Ecuador – Galápagos Islands

Rules, facts, and information that travelers should know before planning a trip to Galápagos National Park.

Ecuador’s amazing Galápagos Islands are a collection of rocky, volcanic lands that are protected as part of the Galápagos National Park. Best known for their unique wildlife (and as the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking research on natural selection and evolution), the Galápagos Islands are a ferociously protected area governed by strict rules and regulations meant to protect the delicate ecosystem.

Here are the facts, fees, and important rules you need to know to plan your Galápagos trip.

Galápagos National Park Facts

Galápagos National Park was created in 1959, and it was the first national park in the entire country of Ecuador.

But a superintendent and rangers were not assigned to Galápagos National Park until 1971, a dozen years later.

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