Meet the Man Living in a Lost City Carved in Stone; Abby Sewell; National Geographic

Jordan – Petra

After being designated a World Heritage site in 1985, UNESCO and the Jordanian government began to relocate Bedouins from Petra–this man stayed.

Mofleh Bdoul grew up in the ancient city of Petra, scrambling up the rocky slopes along with herds of goats amid the ruins of tombs and temples.

The 73-year-old still lives in a cave a stone’s throw from the one where he was born. But over the years, he has seen his home transform from remote hinterland into a tourist attraction that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

Now Mofleh is one of just a handful of Bedouins from the Bdoul tribe still living inside the historic site.

Although his cave on the back side of Jebal Habis, or Prison Mountain, is just a five-minute climb from the main tourist drag, it feels far removed.

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