3 Reasons to Visit Cuba Now Before It Changes Forever; Shaun Robertson; This Life In Trips

Cuba – Old Havana and its Fortification System

There are big changes happening in Cuba. It’s always been known as a country that’s resisted encroaching tourism, that has remained authentic and free of commercialization. However, with diplomatic negotiations between Cuba and the USA improving, it’s inevitable that the country will begin to see chain coffee shops and hotels popping up to meet the increased demand for tourist accommodation. Those looking to experience this country that has been seemingly stuck in time should visit Cuba now.

Here are three things you might miss out on if you leave it too long to book your visit to Cuba:

The Palpable Sense of Nostalgia

First up on this list of why you should visit Cuba now is the nostalgia that is sure to be lost. On first glimpse, Cuba looks like a country that’s been frozen in time.

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