Hampi, a Poetry in Stones- 2days Itinerary; Debjani Paul; Tripoto

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi


Karnataka is blessed with a strong lineage of history and heritage. This state is a gem in the Indian map of heritage sites and archeological wonders. Hampi is one of the most prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the state of Karnataka. Hampi is a poetry in stone!

History – Situated by the banks of Tungabhadra river, Hampi became a capital of prosperous Vijayanagar Empire during the 14th century. By 15th century Hampi became one of the largest and most prosperous medieval-era cities in the world. It was a trading capital where traders from across the globe used to come. From Chinese to Parsi to Portuguese to Iraninans Vijaynagar empire was a global melting pot! During 1565, the Muslim Sultante brought in a tragic end to this beautiful empire.

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