Nepal Buddhist Temple: where, what and all that; Marcela Fae; Fotostrasse

Nepal – Kathmandu Valley

If you’re planning a trip to Nepal, from those two options, one must be the reason: trekking or temples. And since I told you in this post that I’m not the trekking girl, I will tell you all about the most important Nepal Buddhist Temple, that is in Kathmandu.


For years, one of the most important places of meditation and pilgrimage for Nepalis and Tibetans Buddhist is Boudhanath. Boudhanath, or also known as Boudha is the most important temple in the country. Boudha is pronounced the same way as Buddha, so ‘Bo-da’. Boudhanath is located on what used to be the major trade route between the two countries, Tibet and Nepal.

Because of its location, this Buddhist Temple was used as a resting place for many merchants.

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