The Small Country with Outstanding Attractions to be Discovered on a Belgium Vacation; Robert Glazier; Globe Trotting

Belgium – La Grand-Place, Brussels

If you are looking for a destination which has diversity, history, culture, outstanding architecture, and great food and beer, then it’s time for a Belgium vacation. This is definitely not a large country. In fact, it is very compact, which is a plus for getting around, especially as Belgium has a good rail network.

Starting with diversity, there are two parts to the country. It is literally split in two from both a language and cultural point of view. The Dutch-speaking Flemish occupy the north and the French-speaking Walloons, the south. Belgium’s capital, Brussels, has absorbed both of these, which makes it a truly diverse city. Perhaps this is why it was chosen as the headquarters of the European Union. Belgians are reputed to have a fairly dry sense of humour. Maybe this is the reason for the Manneken Pis in Brussels.

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