Nature and history summon Norse spirit; Joseph Lieberman; The Register-Guard

Norway – Bryggen

In Norway, ancient roots and seafaring traditions create unique national fabric.

Junction City’s annual Scandinavian Festival each summer is a reminder of the northern European roots of many of our local citizens.

Although I don’t happen to share that particular lineage, as a young boy growing up on the seacoasts of New England, nothing could stir my imagination more than visions of Viking ships filled with rowdy Norsemen who, long before Columbus, explored our northeastern shores.

It took me half a lifetime to reach the land where these hearty souls originated and see those awesome ships in person — not re-creations, mind you, but the real deal, for these rough and tumble seamen were softies at heart, carefully burying their honored dead in the actual ships they sailed in, along with all their accoutrements of leadership and wealth.

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