Russian Federation

10 Russian kremlins you need to visit at least once; Russia Beyond

Russia – Historic Monuments of Novgorod and Surroundings

Tula, Kazan, Astrakhan – add these destinations to your travel list!

You always thought that Kremlin is the name of that red brick castle in Moscow – well, it is, but it’s also a general Russian term for a citadel in medieval Rus. In fact, there were over 400 kremlins in medieval Russia, but only around 20 of them have been preserved. Here are ten most exciting Russian fortresses.

1. Veliky Novgorod: The ‘Children’s’ kremlin

Under the reign of Tsar Ivan IV “the Terrible”, Veliky Novgorod (330 miles north of Moscow) became embroiled in political discord. After receiving a tip-off that Novgorod was plotting to cut ties with Muscovy, Ivan IV sieged the mutinous city and subjected it to brutal repression.

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