Giant’s Causeway is a dramatic sight on a British Isles cruise; Janet Landfried; Redlands Daily Facts

UK – Giant’s Causeway and Causeway Coast

After leaving Dublin, it was on to Belfast and we were now back in the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland is a part of Great Britain (with England, Scotland and Wales), created in 1921 by an act of the British Parliament.

The Titanic was built in a shipyard in Belfast and there is a museum. As I wrote earlier, people are still fascinated with the Titanic and its story. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where many of the victims are buried, has a monument. Oddly enough, there is a display in Branson, Mo., and, through Jan. 7, an exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley.

Here I wanted to see the Giant’s Causeway. We traveled through the beautiful countryside. Green on green landscapes were endless, and cows and sheep dotted the fields. There were also beach resorts and golf courses scattered about.

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