Travelogue: Western Europe escapade (Part 2 of 3); Bobby T Yalong; Asian Correspondent

Spain – Burgos Cathedral

After merely 4 days of non-stop road trip that was unambiguously physically arduous while gradually declining our vitality (not to mention thinning our wallets), our group’s committed enthusiasm to further explore what this side of western Europe has in store for us indubitably kept us agile and on our high spirits.

October 5 & 6, from Portugal to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

After a couple of days walking, getting off and on the bus, pulling and pushing huge suitcases and constantly unpacking and packing them were more than enough to debilitate even the most robust traveler  but no amount of fatigue, languor, or listlessness could thwart the resolute focus and unwavering wanderlust raging acutely within us.

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