Modern Albuquerque hotel pays homage to ancient Chaco Canyon; Judith Fein; Dallas News

USA – Chaco Culture

ALBUQUERQUE — Something unusual has happened here. Before the luxury Hotel Chaco opened a few months ago, the architects went to Chaco Culture National Historical Park a few hours away to camp and experience the UNESCO World Heritage site.

They returned from the trip to one of the most significant native American archaeological finds in North America inspired by the stonework, low doorways, round ceremonial kivas, niches, stairways and celestial alignments. They poured their learning about the sacredness and importance of the ancient city into the plans for the hotel and designed a paean to ancient Chaco Canyon.

The breath and spirit of the ancestors are still there, and native tribes still go to honor those who came before them at the remote place in the Four Corners region where they lived, worshiped, traded and influenced a wide swath of the prehistoric world.

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