Rediscovering Italy Through Wine; Christiano Berta; Anew Traveller

Italy – Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato

Wine tells a story. My bottle of wine awakened the dormant traveller within me, transporting me back to Italy, the place I call home.

When I was 12 my granddad and I often drove through the Italian countryside in his vintage Citroën DS. Destination and direction were of secondary importance: we drove to admire the beauty of the region we came from.

One particularly warm September day remains in my memory. My granddad and I were cruising through the Langhe in northern Italy. The Langhe is a region of hills, vineyards, and castles in Piedmont. The region is well known for its wines, cheeses and white truffles. The Langhe has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage region.

The landscape is truly impressive. Medieval burgs perch on high hills overlooking vertiginous vineyards that disappear into the shadowy valleys beneath.

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