10 Places to Visit in Sweden That Aren’t Stockholm; Caitlin Morton & Katherine LaGrave; Condé Nast Traveler

Sweden – Hanseatic Town of Visby

Sweden is known for many things: interior design, edgy fashion, meatballs, and ABBA (obviously). And the best part? It can all be experienced in Stockholm, the country’s dynamic capital. And while Stockholm should be a stop on every traveler’s Swedish itinerary, there’s so much more to this California-sized country than one urban hub. There are islands to sail to, national parks to explore, and ice hotels to sleep in. Here are ten of the best spots to start exploring once you’ve had your fill of the city.


Tiny Ystad—the setting of author Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander crime series—is a seaside town that seemingly has it all: world-class museums; colorful, timbered houses; sun-kissed squares; and nearly 25 miles of sandy beaches. Scandinavia’s largest film studio, Ystad Studios, is also located in town.

Sarek National Park, Lapland

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