Husband & Wife Scaled the Highest Water Fall In Venezuela; Harinder; Health. Living & Yoga

Venezuela – Canaima National Park

Husband & Wife team of James Pearson  & Caroline Ciavaldini scaled the Angel Falls the highest Water Fall In Venezuela. The fall got acknowledged as world’s dazzling natural, uninterrupted waterfall. Has been declared by the UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site.

Caracas, Venezuela -Husband & Wife team of James Pearson  & Caroline Ciavaldini, they shared that it is romantic to conquer the untouched and untrodden paths. To realize this dream, they ventured to climb the 3230 feet of the waterfall. It took them six days to complete the adventurous achievement. The route was of course from bottom to up, all the way. They have conquered many other mountains around the earlier together. Angel falls are highest in the world. The team of this couple enjoys climbing, jaw-dropping ascents around the world.

  • Just four persons have climbed Angel’s fall in last twenty-five years

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