The 10 Best Medieval Walled Cities in the World; BabaMail

China – Ancient City of Ping Yao

Medieval walled cities evoke thoughts of royalty, great power and bloody battles. The most amazing ones that are still extant today need to be seen to be fully appreciated, because they truly are treasures that have been left to the world. If you enjoy history and architecture, you’re going to love these. Take a look at world’s 10 best medieval walled cities: 

1. Pingyao, China

This city, which is located in China’s Shanxi province and was built in the 14th Century, once housed more than half of China’s banks. Construction began under the Han dynasty emperor, Hongwu, in 1370. Pingyao’s walls are 20 feet high, feature 72 watchtowers and has a moat on the outer perimeter. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. Carcassonne, France

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