In Bruges Belgium; Anne-Sophie Redisch; Sophie’s Word Travel Inspiration

Belgium – Historic Centre of Brugge

I was first in Bruges just after uni. It was a brief trip, just 3-4 hours, and what I remember best was cleanliness! Not so much as a gum wrapper littered the cobbled streets. Years later, I returned with Ali. Possibly an even shorter visit. So when VisitFlanders invited me to have a closer (and longer) look at Bruges, I was quick to accept.

Bruges is known as a fairy tale. You might remember Harry (Ralph Fiennes) so… erm, eloquently, addressing Ray’s (Colin Farrell) lack of enthusiasm for Bruges:

(you may want to pop on headphones if little ears are around – the language is a bit on the rough side).

The belfry

Another major player starring in the movie In Bruges is the town’s tall belfry from 1240. I see no sign of Colin or Ralph, but of course I must climb the belfry.


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