Budapest Castle Hill Funicular part of World Heritage; Gergely Lajtai-Szabó; Daily News Hungary

Hungary – Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue

100 meters long, 50 meters high with 30 degrees of tilt. Budapest Castle Hill Funicular operates since 1870. The funicular was severely damaged in the bombings of 1944. It was restored in 1986. It became part of the World Heritage one year later, as reports.

Count István Széchenyi’s younger son, Ödön came up with the idea in 1866. It was inspired by the funicular connecting Croix-Rousse and Lyon. The construction process began in 1868 and it took 16 months.

The first plans were designed by Ödön Juraszek, but it was Henrik Wolfahrt’s blueprint according to which the world’s second funicular was built.

After the successful test runs, the first steam railway in Budapest was put into service in 1870. The bottom station was built at Chain Bridge’s bridgehead in Buda and the top one was built on Szent György Square.

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