15 Beautiful Places to Visit Before They Disappear – Top Places to Visit Before It’s Too Late; LEENA KIM & PRISCILLA EAKELEY; Town & Country Magazine

Australia – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Book your next trip to one of these sacred gems—before they change forever.

There are wonders of the world—take the Taj Mahal—that you can safely plan on seeing in two years, or 10. Others, not so much. Like an underwater megalopolis in Indonesia that, for now, is home to 1,000 species of fish. (Gwyneth Paltrow, playing it safe, has checked it off her list already.) Or the legendary cities of the Silk Road, to which, trust us, the megahotels and tour buses are coming. Or a jungle lodge in Africa where the gorillas and green, mystic lushness bring to mind Tarzan’s lost world. (These, with luck, will last.) Think of the pages that follow as your 2018 travel planner of things freshly urgent and fabulous.

Raja Ampat

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