World’s Top 8 Fascinating Asian Temples; Aindrea White; Go 4 Travel Blog

Nepal – Kathmandu Valley

The continent of Asia is an ancient and fascinating part of the world with prolific histories unique to each country. These accounts are told, in part, through the astounding architecture found all over the continent, including the remains of some of the world’s most awe-inspiring temples. People from all over the world visit these temples to soak up the glory of the past and marvel at their beauty. Let’s take a look at world’s top eight fascinating Asian temples for furthering visitors on the path of enlightenment.

World’s Top 8 Fascinating Asian Temples

Todaiji Temple – Nara, Japan

The Todaiji Temple Complex was built in the 8th century as the head Buddhist temple in all of Japan. Todaiji is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site and is also home to the largest wooden building on earth.

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