Snow Leopards in India: Here are 5 National Parks in India Where You Can Spot the Rare Mountain Cat; Anoop Menon;

India – Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area

The majestic and rare snow leopard has been removed from the endangered list, marking a massive milestone in conservation efforts. To celebrate this occasion, we look at 5 national parks in India where you can see snow leopards.

It’s official: the beautiful and majestic snow leopard is no longer endangered according to the Red List maintained by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The international body, responsible for documenting and classifying the conservation status of all flora and fauna, reclassified the snow leopard after 45 years. From endangered, the large mountain cat has been brought down to vulnerable status. In simpler terms, the risk of fewer prey and poachers is less now for the snow leopard, though it still looms.

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