The Old Town of Rhodes; Olga Charami; Greece Is

Greece – Medieval City of Rhodes

Medieval walls enclose an enchanting microcosm, a place where different eras, cultures and architectural styles meet.

Τime is locked out. Everyone else is within: ancient Greeks,ByzantinesOttomansJews and Italians. This is, however, the romantic view; in truth, they are not alone, these wonderful ghosts. With them are tourists in their thousands, archaeologists, tour guides, artists, permanent residents, business people and touts, all continuing to write the history of the Old Town of Rhodes, a story which has been unfolding for the past 2,400 years.

And this is why I approach those mighty walls, four kilometers long, with some trepidation about what I will find. How harmoniously does the glorious and intriguing past coexist with the intensely tourism-oriented present? The monumental with the commercial?

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