The Jasper Dark Sky Festival; Grace Toby; Nuvo Magazine

Canada – Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks

The stars of this show are the stars themselves.

In 2011, the alpine town of Jasper, Alberta received its dark sky preserve designation, or DSP, from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The designation, which restricts levels of artificial light and light pollution in the region, protects one of Jasper’s most attractive assets: Jasper National Park, an 11,000-square-kilometre swath of wilderness, already a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and more specifically, the sky above it. In the years since the DSP came into effect, Jasper has celebrated all things celestial with an annual Dark Sky Festival, which will welcome 15,000 star-watchers (that’s over three times Jasper’s population) to ogle the cosmos this October.

“October is the perfect month for stargazing, as the nights get longer, leaving more opportunity for stargazers to enjoy the truly dark skies of Jasper,” says Lauren Graham of Tourism Jasper.

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