Russian Federation

13 Best Wildlife Photos Of 2017 Have Been Announced, And They’re Truly Remarkable; Andrius; Bored Panda

Russia – Natural System of Wrangel Island Reserve

We’ve recently witnessed the harsh side of nature with Hurricane Irma reeking havoc in the Pacific, so the announcement of the finalists of the 53rd annual ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ couldn’t come at a better time to remind us of the beauty that nature has in store.

This year the Natural History Museum of London has selected 13 entries out of 50,000 submissions from 92 different countries. The judges picked a balanced variety of shots, from incredible close ups to the cover photos for the very real issues that need attention right now.

The winners will receive a ticket to London for the awards ceremony as well as cash prizes up to £10,000 (about $13,000). But before the winner is announced, let’s do our own little competition by casting the votes below and picking our very own winner.

#1 Arctic Treasure By Sergey Gorshkov, Russia

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