5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Lebanon!; Grace H; The961

Lebanon – Anjar

Lebanon, a Mediterranean jewel, is the home of many historical wonders. In fact, Lebanon is a country that has thousands of years of history which makes it one of the world’s oldest countries. UNESCO inscribed 5 World Heritage Sites in Lebanon!

Discover the 5 World Heritage Sites of Lebanon!

#1 Anjar

Anjar got established during the Umayyad period by Caliph Walid I at the beginning of the 8th century. The ruins of Anjar are the walls of the Umayyad palace and many pillars which include some elements of the Roman architectural style.

#2 Baalbek

The Temple of Bacchus is one of the largest Roman temple ruins in the world. Also, it is so well-preserved that carvings of lions and bulls are still visible.

#3 Byblos

Byblos is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world which was first inhabited between 8,800 and 7,000 B.C.

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