World’s oldest University started by Lord Rama’s nephew is now in Pakistan (even Chanakya studied there); Shruti Shrivastava; SpeakingTree

Pakistan – Taxila

Most people know and identify Taxila as the first ever University, where great scholars like Chanakya received their higher education, but did you know when and who built this sanctum of formal education?

It is said that Lord Rama before surrendering his life divided equal regions under the rule of his sons and nephews. He coroneted his sons, Luv and Kush as the crowning prince of Ayodhya and declared the coronation of Bharat’s son Taksha over Gandhara region.

Taksha during his reign build the first ever University, where greatest masters and scholars imparted and shared their knowledge and wisdom with those who yearned for higher education. The university was named after their King Taksha, hence got its name Taxila.

Like many of the great Indian thinkers and philosophers and eminent personalities, Chanakya also studied and taught at the first university of the world–Taxila.


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