Meet The 10 Historical Prisons In Africa And Around The Globe; MA; How Africa News

South Africa – Robben Island

Regularly, a jail is not a place you’d need to visit, and unquestionably not a vacation spot. In any case, some memorable detainment facilities around the globe have turned out to be renowned points of interest and are even viewed as an absolute necessary attractions. Here’s a rundown of ten notable and Infamous prisons which are interested in people in general

1. Alcatraz Island, California – The little island of Alcatraz in front of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf was the site of the primary beacon in the Western United States. It turned into a jail in 1934 and stayed dynamic till 1963. The greatest security jail was home to famous detainees like Al Capone. 36 detainees attempted to get away from the rough island throughout the years, the majority of which were caught, shot and murdered, or suffocated.

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