Salon Prive packs two concours and a ‘Ladies’ Day’ into a long weekend; Autoweek

UK – Blenheim Palace

Salon Prive is a concours launched in 2006 by British brothers Andrew and David Bagley. The pair had toured all the best concours in the world, including Amelia Island, Pebble Beach (wonder if they saw LeMons?) and Villa d’Este. Their first event was at Hurlingham Club in London, where Salon Prive stayed for five years. Then they moved to Syon Park outside London and thence, in 2015, to the absolutely fabulous Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. Blenheim is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a sprawling estate built in 1704 as a gift from Queen Anne to Sir John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough, in thanks for his victory at the Battle of Blenheim. Among other occurrences, since then it was the birthplace of Sir John’s descendant, Winston Churchill.

With its wide-open expanses and picturesque buildings, it was only a matter of time before someone held a concours there.

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