Are These 5 Trendy Destinations Still Worth Visiting?; Kevin Brouillard;

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

People are more inspired to travel than ever with so many travel websites, travel apps, and social media feeds full of exciting destinations. It’s not just for the elite, either. Travel has become more accessible to the global population, and The United Nations World Tourism Organization estimated that nearly 1.2 billion people traveled outside their country for at least one night in 2015. With that number expected to continually rise, some destinations are becoming overcrowded. While tourism can be extremely beneficial for supporting livelihoods and creating cultural understanding, it can also sometimes have a negative effect on a destination. Having to elbow through a mass of people to snap a photo in front of a famous landmark is one thing, but witnessing a beautiful landscape or city be compromised by irresponsible regulation and excessive visitation is tragic.

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