The Great Wall of China and more stunning Wonder Walls every traveller should visit in their lifetime; Marjorie Yue; Mirror Online

UK – Frontiers of the Roman Empire

Great big walls – whether they’re built to keep people in or out – are an endless source of fascination.

Forget beaches and crystal clear waters, it’s all about the adventure breaks, and this week we’ve searched high and low for the worlds most beautiful walls – that you have to visit in your lifetime.

We’ve tapped into the obvious – the Great Wall of China – and the not so talked about Walls of Ston in Croatia, where you can soak up the views all year round – and you’re guaranteed to get all the likes on instagram too.

Here’s our pick of the world’s 10 best wonder walls.

1. Great Wall of China tour, from £2,890pp

Winding sinuously over the hills like an elongated dragon, punctuated by watch towers, troop barracks and garrison stations, is a breathtaking feat of engineering.

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