The hidden beauty of Saint Catherine; Monika Sleszynska; Egypt Today

Egypt – Saint Catherine Area

Visit a remote holy monastery and connect with the sense of pilgrimage at the secluded scenic mountain and desert landscapes of Sinai .

The experience of the Sinai mountains is like no other. Saint Catherine is a jewel located between the giant granite rocks of South Sinai Peninsula at the edge of El Tur Mountains and at the foot of High Sinai Mountains. Mount Catherine is the highest mountain in Egypt and exposes wide stretching views across the mountains and Red Sea.

When driving there you will witness magnificent mountain scenery of changing shapes and shades. The place is considered holy and contains rich historical and religious heritage. Mount Horeb (also called Jebel/Gebel/Musa) is where according to the old testament Moses, after having spent 40 days and 40 nights in the mountains, was given the Ten Commandments.

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