Ancient monuments, forts, castles: 5 places in Jordan travel lovers must visit; Hindustan Times

Jordan – Petra

Go off the beaten path on your next vacation. If you love history, culture and architecture, Jordan is the perfect destination for you.

Jordanian cultural roots go back to pre-historic times when mankind itself was evolving. The earliest human habitation evidence dates back to 250,000 years, wherein, the land has been home to humanoids from the pre-Paleolithic era seeing the onset of evolutionary specimens of the Homo-Erectus to the Early Man (Neanderthals) to finally the onset of the Modern Man.

The Kingdom of Jordan has some of the world’s best preserved archaeological sites and monuments while maintaining vast historical significance to the world; such as the rock-carved city of Petra or the baptism of Jesus Christ on the banks of river Jordan. The awe-inspiring beauty of this Hashemite Kingdom is mirrored aptly in its deep rooted history and cultural traditions.

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