Mistaken Point…A Mistake?; Take To The Highway

Canada – Mistaken Point

Moving south along the Avalon Peninsula, I want to visit Newfoundland’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ecological reserve at Mistaken Point. This landmark got its ominous name from sailors who mistook the southernmost point for having rounded the point of Cape Race on their way into the port of St John’s, but instead slammed into treacherous rocks. There are some 50 shipwrecks still preserved in the icy waters off the shore of Mistaken Point.

But Mistaken Point now has new notoriety, “Home to fossils of the oldest complex multicellular life forms found anywhere on earth.” In 1967, a Geology graduate student and his assistant from Memorial University of Newfoundland were on the edge of Mistaken Point’s craggy shoreline mapping the rock when they came upon a slab imprinted with almost 10,000 fossils.

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