Electric Bike Trips & Tours Guide; Richard Peace; Electric Bike Report

UK – Frontiers of the Roman Empire

Electric biking is a great way to enjoy new areas and in this guide we have some eBike trips and tour ideas for you to explore!

Here are the areas covered in this first eBike trip guide:

  • Paris and a beautiful French riverway
  • Windmills & waterways of the Dutch countryside
  • Crystal clear lakes in Bavaria
  • Be a culture vulture along one of Europe’s great rivers
  • Ride along a Roman emperor’s wall
  • Hoist a sail and eBike through majestic Scottish Highlands
  • eBiking around classic US desert scenery
  • US history on a 7 day tour
  • Nature watching in South Africa’s Eastern Cape

Paris – Charms and Secrets 

What better way to see ‘the city of lights’ and ‘the city of romance’ than by e-bike? This intriguing sounding company offers a four-hour day tour and a three-hour night tour with English, French, Chinese and Japanese language versions.

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