Cuenca , we are here again, the Casas Colgadas of Castilla La Mancha!; Paris1972-Versailles2003

Spain – Historic Walled Town of Cuenca

And we came down the mountains of the Serrania de Cuenca to visit the main city , Cuenca. Unesco World Heritage Site! Indeed is worth the trip and as we rented a house nearby , we came often here in our trip.

We were lucky while here to see briefly the Fiesta de San Juliàn August 24th, the traditional feast of the town in honor of their patron Saint. Also, we saw the 7th stage of the Vuelta de España, the bicycle tour passing by Cuenca all the way to the Alto del Castillo (13C ruins).

In Cuenca ,there is plenty to see and even in two stays in the area we have not seen it all; time is precious. We have been by theTunel de Alfonso VIII entrance by the Calle Alfonso VIII.

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